Pre-Order Info

Pricing and Shipping Dates

Samplers of at least three varieties $15/lb. Samplers are smaller sized mixed varieties.

Eating garlic $12/lb up to 2”

Seed Garlic $17/lb over 2”

Due to New England weather I would guess that the Garlic would be dried and ready to ship Late Aug to Early Sept. I would encourage clients to pre-order your favorite garlic before the above shipping dates.

This year I have in quantity, Music, Phillips, and Walden Red Neck.

  • 1-2lb garlic ships in USPS Flat Rate Padded Envelope and costs $7.20 shipping.
  • 3-6lb garlic ships in USPS Medium Flat Rate Box and costs $13.65 shipping
  • 7-10lb garlic ships in USPS Large Flat Rate Box and costs $18.90 shipping
  • I am testing three new-to-me garlics. Romanian Red, Ajo Rojo, and Inchelium Red.

    Romanian Red. 4-6 cloves/head. Hot, spicy, pungent. Hard neck. Good Storage

    Ajo Rojo.  Real hot raw, mild and creamy baked.  Stem hardness depends on climate, generally hardneck, Good Storage

    Inchelium Red. Mild at harvest flavor increasing with time. Medium spiceness.  Soft neck (again neck can vary with climate). Large flat heads, Softnecks have great storage.

    Pre-order Garlic here