Garlic Tasting

Thank you to our tasters Paul, Judith, Flavio, and Ann. Descriptions were developed by our
team of experienced cooks, enthusiastic foodies, and garlic lovers after doing comparative
testing-eating- lots of garlic. We'd like to hear how you would describe your experiences eating
these garlic varieties.

Walden Red Neck
Great, oil-rich all purpose garlic. Starts sweet and warm on the tongue, and finishes with an
increasingly robust taste. Retains nuttiness when Roasted. Stores well. Six to eight cloves
per bulb. Some of which may be “double” cloves.

A wonderfully balanced, harmonious, and complex garlic, with notes of both sweetness and
pungency and a long bright finish. Large plump cloves, typically four to a bulb.

A good choice for those who don't like an aggressive garlic. Somewhat milder than others,
with a short burst of piquancy. Good for using raw, as in salad dressings. Bulb containing six
to eight plump cloves

All of these varieties will benefit from storage in the coolest corner of your house. About 50
degrees is good if possible.