What is Walden Redneck?

Walden Redneck a Rare Rocambole

Species Allium Sativum
Sub Species ophioscorodon
Variety Rocambole


According to Bob Anderson of Gourmet Garlic Gardens,  Walden Redneck is a Rare Mild Rocambole. There are very few of them.

Walden Redneck is one of those “lost varieties” that have been grown around here for at least thirty years and the name was lost when I bought three pounds of it seven years ago. Louie Pulver of Walden, Vermont the grower I bought it from had forgotten it’s name and called it Walden Redneck and sold it all over as well as the local farmers market. Walden Redneck proved to be popular with the local  food coop crowd and the general store up north.


Walden Redneck is a hard-neck garlic that has 6-11 cloves, stores well in cold storage for up to 8 months. It has a purple stripped bulb wrapper with brown to purple cloves that peel well. Often you will see “double or triple” cloves. That is extra large cloves. The plant itself is of medium height 16” to 20” tall. Walden Redneck obviously does well in the cold winters and wet springs here in Vermont.


Walden Redneck is juicy and sticky when peeling. The raw flavor is mild compared to other Rocamboles and baked is sweet.